proportionately void

“we are as void, proportionately, as intergalactic space”

Space is the basic ingredient of the universe; there is more of it than anything else. Even at the microscopic level of atoms, where we would expect things to be small and compact, there is mostly space. Within atoms, subatomic particles are separated by vast distances, so much so that an atom is 99.999 percent empty. Everything we touch, including our bodies, is composed of these empty atoms. We are far more porous than our dense bodies indicate. In fact, we are as void, proportionately, as intergalactic space (Chopra 1989, 96).

– Margaret J. Wheatley, LEADERSHIP AND THE NEW SCIENCE: Discovering Order in a Chaotic World, 1st ed, Chapter 3, Space Is Not Empty: Invisible Fields that Shape Behavior, p. 47

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2019 podcast about 25th anniversary of book and Wheatley’s current work:

Leadermorphosis ep. 33 – Margaret Wheatley on leadership and Warriors for the Human Spirit

Best-selling author Margaret Wheatley talks to Lisa Gill about the current landscape of work, restoring leadership as a noble profession and self-organisation.

Margaret Wheatley is an author known for bringing lenses like anthropology and quantum science to the fields of leadership and organisational design. In this thoughtful conversation, she challenges the idea of large-scale change in favour of creating “islands of sanity” and doing meaningful work in a local context. She talks about restoring leadership as a noble profession, her take on the growing number of self-managing organisations today, and how we can train as “Warriors for the Human Spirit.”